HackForGood 2018

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One more year, University of Valladolid, through its telephone "mobility and education" Chair participates in the Organization of the HackForGood, that held the 8, 9 and 10 March in the scientific Park.

HackForGood is an interuniversity meeting in which hackers "ForGood" of whole Spain will develop innovative technology solutions to respond to a number of social challenges in order to build a better world, and all this in the brief space of time that lasts the hackathon.

A hacker "ForGood" is a young person, enthusiastic, positive, optimistic, stimulating, with ideas and initiative to the challenge of solving those problems that nobody has solved through innovative technology solutions, and all through teamwork, If possible, multidisciplinary.

We call any social challenge that requires an innovative technological solution challenge. The challenges are proposed by any individual or association, published on the web www.hackforgood.net, and they are associated with the awards and the entity that grants them. Hackers "ForGood" participants may form teams to meet the challenges chosen for this technological solution.

You have 5 ways to participate:

  1. Proposing challenges that help improve the world
  2. Participating in the research and development of solutions
  3. By signing up as a volunteer to help and give life to the event
  4. Making MENTOR and form part of the equipment and solutions
  5. Collaborating in disseminating everything you've seen and lived through social networks

The number of places is limited, but you're still in time to sign up to participate in HackForGood 2018 in Valladolid:

Thank you very much for your interest. Cátedra Telefónica University of Valladolid


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