Deprogramming Enigma - School party


The second world war is ravaging Europe and we don't want to end with millions of dead, as in the previous. The Third Reich is powerful and moving quickly and lethally, Thanks to their secret communications. Our allies have miraculously managed to one of their coding machines, that I do not know how it works. We have assembled a team of mathematicians and cryptographers at Bletchley Park that they help us to decipher it. If you want to help us, pick the team of the mathematician that want to help and get ready for the battle.

On the occasion of the celebration of the school, held this programming Gymkhana on Thursday 8 March from 12 o'clock in the classroom 101.

Participation will be by teams of between 3 and 4 people. Once formed the team, each Member must complete the following form

The computer name must be agreed by the members of the team.

The organization is run by UVaCoders, with the collaboration of the Professor Alma Pisabarro and school of Engineering Computing of Valladolid.

There will be prizes for the team who manages to complete the activity in the first place.