III Feria 'Espacios de Ingenio. Creativity, Technology and sustainability'

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During days 15 and 16 March of 2018 (Thursday and Friday) will be held the 3rd fair "Spaces of ingenuity", Technology, Sustainability and creativity, in order to promote among the students of Secondary education and vocational training of the community of Castilla y León an interactive approach to the disciplines related to the architecture and engineering of the University of Valladolid.

The school will organize the following activities during the fair (they will take place in the ETS architecture)


  • Talk 1INF "the importance of Informatics in the actsl technological society."
  • Talk 2INF "the technological revolution of the Big Data.
  • Talk 3INF "Research and Informatics"


  • Workshop 1INF. "Programming is easy. Get to it."
  • Workshop 2INF. "The software is changing the world"
  • Workshop 3INF. “Computing everywhere”

Information most updated hours and content of the lectures and workshops can be found in: http://espaciosdeingenio.uva.es/17399/section/10693/espacios-de-ingenio.-creatividad-tecnologia-sostenibilidad.-2018.html

More information on https://eventos.uva.es/17399/detail/espacios-de-ingenio.-creatividad-tecnologia-sostenibilidad.-2018.htm

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