Hash Code 2018


Hash Code 2018 It is a programming contest by teams whose goal is to solve an engineering problem, How to optimize the coverage of Internet of the Loon project, or direct Google Street View cars by Paris. The challenge is not yet known, however, always focused on engineering problems drawn from practical case studies.

This year, from the Group Goblin and in collaboration with RDNest and the school of computer engineering, We have decided to organize a Hub for the celebration of the local phase of the competition. The Hub has been approved by Google. In addition, the school enables us the room Hedy Lamarr for the celebration of the Hash Code 2018 the day 1 March, so you only need your registration.

The competition is celebrated around the world. Last year was attended by more than 26000 people. The top-ranked local round will have the possibility of participating in a second final phase Google Dublin. During the afternoon of the day 1 March (Thursday), you will have the ability to solve an engineering problem with the programming language of your choice, as C, C , or Java, as well as the techniques that you consider appropriate.

To participate you need to assemble teams of two, three, or four people and register in the registration page Hash code. In addition, you will have to register at the hub of the school from the judge Google. For reasons of organization, and in order to receive support from Google for the event, registration is required before the 8 February: nor you leave it to the last moment! (registration will close when reaching the 70 participants)

The contest is divided into two parts:

  • Classification phase Online:
    • Thursday 1 March of 2018 to the 18:30
    • Closure of the phase to the 23:00 approx..
    • Sala Hedy Lamarr
  • Finals in Dublin:
    • For the first finishers around the world

You need at least one laptop for computer equipped with the hardware needed to run the program (for example, If you decide to use CUDA, It would be necessary to have a compatible graphics card).


This competition has a character fundamentally entertainment. The Organization of this local Hub aims to meet one afternoon to have a good time while we resolve a challenge. The RDNest company, based in the Science Park, will you deal with that I have some food and drink for charging batteries during the contest, In addition to participating actively in the competition with teams formed by students to collaborate with this company.

We invite you all to! Register and enjoy an afternoon of laughs, challenges, and entertainment!