Fourth Edition of Solid GEAR Academy


What is the Solid GEAR Academy? The Solid GEAR is a workshop of four sessions each of four hours of duration whose objective is that students know how to work a software development company.

The themes that will try during these 4 days are: work methodologies, focusing on agility in particular scrum, requirements capture and definition of user stories to then develop a project based on mobile technologies, in this case we have chosen as Android technology, We also have a section aimed at software quality. The workshop will conclude with a session in which we put in value what has been done and a retrospective.

As in previous editions, we would like to form a group of between 10-12 students who are recent courses related careers or training degrees. The first day will be the 19 February.

Reserve the afternoon of the Monday of the 19 February to 12 March of the 2018 of 16:00 to 20:00:

  • 12 students
  • 4 Conference (19 and 26 of February and 5 and 12 March)
  • All Solid GEAR team at your disposal
  • No costs
  • 0,5 ECTS credits (UVA students)
  • Registration to the 12 February
  • Possibility of internship

The call to sign up is now open. More information on: