Hour of Code 2017


It is here the time of code 2017! come in four (see previous editions)

We have opened registration for the biggest event of the world learning: The time code!

As it is high tradition we offer our particular version of the global event HourOfCode that it promotes internationally the Organization Code.org as part of the Computer Science Educational Week.

This version of HourOfCode we do in our school has a character Special. A regular event of the time the code is aimed at bringing programming computers to people who have had no contact with this type of activity or that is not common to do so. Also do school children participate in these activities. However, the special character of our event is given because We do offer aimed at an audience that already know programming in some programming language and want to know another language (in our introductory workshops) o you want to learn the details of the development with some framework (in our advanced workshops).

In this year's Edition have managed to offer a record of 10 introductory workshops in parallel sessions, introducing a: Android, C , C#, Goland JavaScript/TypeScript, Php, Python, Rust Scala and Swift.

The advanced workshops we offer:

  • “Conversations with MSBotFramework and TypeScript bots”,
  • “How to build a chat in real-time in Goland” and
  • “Flask for Python-based development”.
  • Newsflash: added to the offer of advanced workshops workshop “Introduction to Machine Learning with iOS”

The event, sponsored and organized by the school of computer engineering, the University computer science group (GUI), the Department of computer science and the UVaCoders group will be held in the Sala Hedy Lamarr the Wednesday 13 of December starting from the 12:00 with the start of the workshops, While the Advanced Start from of the 15:00 and complete to the 17:00.

To participate in the workshops it is necessary to know programming in any programming language, be eager to learn and bring a portable. We put the plugs, network connections and a magnificent team of speakers highly skilled, motivated and nearby.

We describe more details and manage entries in: http://eventos.uva.es/go/HourOfCode2017

Please note that the event is open to the community. This year we have eliminated the priority by becoming a member of the UVa registration. So make haste to sign up.

Moreover, the workshops have a maximum possible of attendees but also a minimum to be held. The registration is carried out online subject to confirmation by the organizers. If you are very interested in that it provided a workshop, help us to cover the minimum, encourage your teammates.

We close registrations the 10 of December.

Don't forget the laptop!


  • The students of the School of Computer Engineering, will participate under the program Talks Wednesday so we will have a recognition of 1 time in the program to participate in a workshop introduction to a language and with a recognition of 2 hours to participate in an advanced workshop.
  • All registered attendees will receive your certificate of attendance.

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