Adrián del Prado: How to prepare for competitions of cybersecurity


Adrian of Prado Suárez is studying degree of computer engineering in the school of computer engineering at the University of Valladolid, between the third and fourth courses.

The fondness for issues related to security comes from afar, and although it took two courses in DADE (double degree of Bachelor in law and Bachelor in administration and business management) in his early College, subsequently decided to study computer engineering degree.

Initially he was interested in activities a step further teaching and has attended numerous events in online security. It has also found motivation in the Wednesday talks and other activities organized in our school. Adrian attended one talk of GMV in 2016 and to a Cyber Security Workshop organized by Everis.

Adrian has also worked altruistically with school computer technicians, reporting privately of a security hole that had been detected in computer platforms, thus benefiting all users.

In 2016 He saw the possibility of presenting it to cybercamp, the event of cybersecurity INCIBE organized annually with the aim of helping the generation of talent in cybersecurity. Passed a phase of initial online where they would race about 700 people and earned a good rating in the next phase in León, where competing 35 people. This allowed him to gain access to the national team that would represent Spain in the European competition (Europen Cyber Security Challenge) and that would end up making the same. It must be emphasized that prerequisites there are no to be able to enter this contest nationwide, Although the European competition Yes establish some categories according to age.

In the Spanish team that participated in the capture, According to Adrian, each Member of the team was specialized in a specific area within the hacking, as web hacking, Cryptography, reversing, hardware hacking and exploiting, addressing the largest number of tests in the most efficient way. These tests require a mastery of the scripting languages. The mentality is different in the sense that the challenge is to demonstrate, constructively, that supposedly secure web sites and systems actually are not so.

Knowledge of English language is decisive in this test, Since there is a presentation in English that sum up to a 10% of the final grade (While in previous years added up to a 30%)

In the ANÁLISIS competition developed in Malaga had many private recruiters. Following the victory in this test, a major company has been in contact with the direction of our school interested in having the services of Adrian.

Picture of the Spanish team with their coaches, the day before the competition. Adrián del Prado, the first of the left bottom.