LaTeX workshop


Don't you think you a nuisance creating documents with editors such as Word? Luckily, there are alternatives that allow you to create professional documents that will be useful.

Introducing LaTeX, the ultimate tool for your works and documentations.

In this LaTeX course we will learn to generate a high typographic quality documents, perfect for work or scientific documents.

We will begin with an introduction to know from where comes this "language" and learn to take full potential of LaTeX.

The development of this course we will rely on the use of the tool OverLeaf or ShareLatex, both online.

People who want to can bring installed on their computers TexMaker or TexStudio, Although we won't stop to check if you have installed it well. The main objective is that you miss fear to write in LaTeX!

That's great!, And how I can sign up? Simply enter in the Meetup and join the event: