Gymkhana programming – The codes of the hunger


Last 15 November the second programming gymkhana was held at the school of computer engineering “The codes of the hunger”. It's an activity for teaching innovation aimed at students in the first year of computer engineering and INdat and aims the motivate and enhance the learning of the basic fundamentals of software development.

The students had to solve three missions. In each of them, they had to create a computer program whose result gave rise to a key that allowed them access to the following mission. In addition they had to solve a test to locate the physical location of the school where the wording of the following test was.

This activity is part of a project of educational innovation that develops methodologies to measure learning objectively, motivation and socialization obtained by students during the conduct of such activities. As a novelty regarding the last year's Edition, whose theme was “The tournament of the 011 Wizards”, This edition has been used a control group to measure the efficiency of these new methodologies in the learning.

A total of 108 students under the Organization of teachers of foundations of programming soul M. Pisabarro and M. Luisa González. Finally the Director of the school, Mr. Benjamin Sahelices, He presented medals to all participants.

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