I call challenge Crowdworking Valladolid OPEN FUTURE

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The UVa Science Park hosts the I call challenge Crowdworking Valladolid Open Future, which is already open to the 30 September, focusing on the sector of Big Data.

Bases of the call

This call has two types of challenges:

A.. Generic, that you have proposed Tradema, Ericsson and Mozo-Grau.

B. Specific, that you have proposed Real Valladolid CF, Sevilla FC and Ericsson Spain.

They can participate both companies already created (a priori, with a maximum of two years old) as people who want to seek a solution to the challenges and undertake.

Those people whose projects are selected, they will participate for a period of 3 months in this incubator, where will be the maturation of projects, offering:

  • Workspace for the team of project in the Centre of crowdworking "the tree-PCUVa" during the process of incubation of projects.
  • High level training campus.
  • Plan custom work led by a tutor with specialized mentoring partnership.
  • Support for the search for specialized financing.
  • Potential clients Panel.
  • Technological support from the University and businesses.