TADHack 2017

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The next 29 and 30 September is held in the hackathon ETSIT-UPM TADHack. It is an excellent opportunity to consolidate the projects of the teams that participated in HackForGood. It also has a virtual office and you can participate from anywhere.

Registration headquarters Madrid: https://tadhack.com/2017/global/tadhack-madrid/
Global event information: https://tadhack.com/2017/global/

The event is part of an international event of a huge wingspan called Global TADHack (https://tadhack.com/2017/global/), having already 26 registered offices distributed in 5 continents, and there is even a virtual headquarters. Last year involving nearly 4000 hackers in Global TADHack in total. It has both local awards as a global who accumulate a total of $ 45 K at this time.