Laptops loan course 17/18

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If you can not have a laptop for your studies, the school lends you one. Until the day 5 in September of 2017 puedes presentar tu solicitud en el despacho de Dirección de la Escuela o bien enviarla escaneada, firmada y con el DNI, to the email address, or by postal mail to:

University of Valladolid
Computer Engineering School of Valladolid
Bethlehem walk, 15
47011 Valladolid

El primer listado de asignación de portátiles se publicará en la web de la Escuela el día 18 in September of 2017.

Don't ask for a laptop if you have one, because you'll be removing it to someone in need.

The laptop is for personal use for the development of academic activities related to the condition of the UVa student enrolled in any of the degrees offered by the school of computer engineering.

The loan is to this day 18 July of 2018.

Application and conditions of the loan

Ad portable loan

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