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Welcome to IBM Global University Programs
Un esfuerzo de centralizar en un solo lugar enlaces a todos los recursos que IBM pone a disposición del mundo educativo. ¡Obligado guardarlo en vuestros favoritos! ;-))) Está en:

Submit a Climate Change or Environmental Proposal.
IBM will be announcing a new commitment to support climate and environmental research by offering massive World Community Grid computing power, The Weather Company data and IBM Cloud storage, for free. We are looking to award up to 5 grants, each worth up to $40m and welcome applications from scientists from around the world. We will accept applications on a rolling basis, with a first round deadline of 15 September. This new offering is a great illustration of IBM’s continued commitment to addressing climate change and an opportunity for us to tout about our decades-long track record in energy conservation and climate protection programs.

Full details of the campaign, including the application form, can be found at

PhD Fellowship
La convocatoria se abrirá la tercera semana de septiembre. Si algún doctorando actual o alguno de los nuevos desarrolla/rá su trabajo en algún tema que tenga que ver con tecnologías de interés de IBM (computer science and engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, physical sciences (including chemistry, material sciences, and physics), mathematical sciences (including big data analytics, operations research, and optimization), public sector and business sciences (including urban policy and analytics, social technologies, learning systems and cognitive computing), and Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME), and industry solutions (Healthcare, life sciences, education, energy & environment, retail and financial services). ), you could apply. More information:

Unchain the Frame
IBM has launched the virtual global hackathon “Unchain the Frame”. Developers around the world are invited to create the next successful application using blockchain, machine learning, core banking and retail APIs, as well as technology open source … everything on the mainframe. Mainframe expertise is not needed, only the desire to think big! URL: Hashtag: #UnchainTheFrame

The participating developers will benefit in the following ways:

  • The opportunity to learn and play with these new technologies – Improve your current skills, master new skills, gain experience in new technology and rapid growth for future projects and new job opportunities
  • Fame and 50K $ in awards, the opportunity to attend IBM Think and show your solution.
  • Provide feedback to the development of these products and potentially engage in open source communities and projects.