'Gamificación en el Aula: programming contest' among the six best works of the JENUI 2017

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The work of teaching innovation “Gamification classroom: programming contest” presented at the XXIII Conference on the University education of computer science (JENUI 2017) the teachers Alma Maria Pisabarro-Brown and Carlos Enrique Vivaracho-Pascual has been selected as one of the six best candidates for best presentation work in this edition of the Conference.

The JENUI constitute one of the most important events for the University education of computer science professionals in our country. Since its first edition in 1995, the JENUI have continuously been held on an annual basis. This edition is organized by the Universidad de Extremadura (jenui2017.unex.es) and it held in Cáceres on 5 and 6 July.

Our congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.