Deans and directors of schools of computer science, AETICAL and the Colegio de Ingenieros en Informática de Castilla y León claim regulation of the profession

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On the occasion of the meeting press conference have been involved the director of the school of computer science engineering of the grape in Valladolid, Benjamin Sahelices, on behalf of the centers which offers training in Castilla y León, as well as the President of AETICAL, Agustín Lorenzo, and the Dean of the Professional Association of engineers in computer science in Castilla y León, Jaime Diez Zurro.

The meeting has been framed in the Conference of Directors and deans of computing engineers of Castilla y León. It has given to know the current status of the profession, It is not regulated and that it is located in the Group of professionals of computer engineering in the background and disadvantaged in their personal development.

Press release of the Conference of Directors and deans of Engineering Informatics of Castilla y León