Cognizant talk: Automation + Robotics changing the user experience

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Date and time: 11 may, 17h

Place: Hedy Lamarr room of the School of Computer Engineering

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Students who want to attend this workshop must point in direction Secretary

Introduction: The talk aims to introduce the concepts of automation and Robotics, to understand how companies are undertaking automation projects that added Robotics projects to provide intelligence systems to meet the user, in such a way that the user experience is changing as we know it so far.

Through Automation + Robotics applied to the process seeks to provide intelligence systems by applying Machine Learning techniques which helps and facilitates the experience of users with the entities, both internal users and external.


  • Introduction to the automation of processes
  • Introduction to Robotics
    • Unattended robots
    • Attended robots
    • Chatbots
  • Difference between an automated face one robotic process
  • Application of the Internet of things into automation processes
  • Machine Learning applied to automatic processes
  • Q&A.