Great success of the Catalysts Coding Contest of Valladolid


More than 50 contestants came together last Friday 31 March in the school of computer engineering to compete in a contest of programming around the world that had more of 2000 participants in total. Either by teams of up to three persons as of an individual, the contestants faced a problem whose subject was confidential until the start of the competition and resulting revolve around Hyperloop.

During 4 hours of intense competition, the participants tried to resolve the 8 incremental difficulty levels in which the problem was divided. Finally, attained was proclaimed champion team We're not 7 ° 29 ' 30″S 110 ° 00'1″E formed by Enrique Román, Alejandro Hernandez and Marco Antonio Garrido, students of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, It also managed to put in place 61 at the global level, between the 605 total equipment. In second place was the team Patindromos , formed by Rafael Sillero and Luis Alberto Centeno, students of the school of computer science engineering in Valladolid. Closing the podium, the Booldogs team , with Jorge Sainero, Pablo Hidalgo and Lucas of Tower, students of the UCM.

After the contest, It gave way to a space where participants were able to exchange their views and contact corporate sponsors. Finally, delivery of prizes and an exciting raffle where gadgets among all the contestants who overcame the first level were held.

This event, that has been fueled by GRASP SAS, Novagecko, Solid Gear and Cognizant, and it counted with the collaboration of the school of computer engineering in Valladolid and the competitive programming UVaCoders team, He hopes to repeat his school based in the next edition.

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