Introduction to competitive programming workshop 2017


If you are passionate about programming or simply want to improve your skills with programming, you are interested in this workshop. It is not only aimed at students of the University of Valladolid, But anyone who has an interest in programming, It can come. If you are a student of vocational training, High school, These working, you belong to another University... This workshop is also designed for you.

Here you give the first step to improve your skills with programming. You will learn to solve problems and to send them to the judge of the grape, an automatic online judge, who has more of 5000 problems. We'll also tell you what competitions there are on this.

The workshop will take place at the lState 105 School of computer engineering at the University of Valladolid, the Wednesday 22 March Since the 16:00 up to the 18:00.

We recommend to bring portable own with a Linux distribution for your convenience. However, the laboratory also has of computers desktop for those who do not have this option.

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