School party 2017


The address for aim is to those events is

The Zombie Apocalypse the planet has become an uninhabitable world. You, and yours, you have survived thanks to your expertise and ability to fight, but the forces begin to waver. A new hope for the future appears when communicate it that researchers of the University of Valladolid have found the damn virus vaccine. If you want to get in touch with them need batteries last remaining on the planet and you'll have to locate them. Si quieres participar en la búsqueda sólo tienes que apuntarte usando este enlace .

Are you going to miss the possibility to save the world?

Sign up for the Gymkhana of programming of the 9 March of 2017 Since the 12:00 up to the 15:00 maximum.

The mission will begin in the classrooms of computing of the first floor Hall.

We look forward to you!

But, Beware!, Remember that the area is full of zombies that can infect you anytime.

And from 15 h …