And you, ¿dare to challenge Big Data?

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When you are a student many times it is difficult to get experiences “in the real world” that apply all the knowledge that you're learning. In LUCA, We believe in the young talent as the driving force behind technological change and is for this reason that we support various initiatives in the academic world, with the purpose that our Chief Data Office area (CDO) is an ideal place for young people in the technology sector.

One of the initiatives we have launched recently in this sense is the Big Data challenge. Through the platform of Phone Open Future, This challenge is aimed at University students in the final year of degree, Postgraduate or master's degree who wish to develop their projects based on real cases of Telefónica in the area of Big Data (LUCA), Fourth platform and cybersecurity (ElevenPaths).

The platform has with more than 30 projects available to students what will be guided them by his tutor academic and mentorizados by a professional from our team, that it will ensure the success of each of them and their applicability within the portfolio of products and services of the two areas.

At the end of 2017, students that have developed the best three projects will be able to present them in an event and its academic tutors you will receive a financial prize.

In addition to the possibility of the students participate in the challenge, the CDO area aims to approaching the universities globally, jointly developing projects, master classes by our professionals, Organization of Hackathons, participation in events, and much more.

If you are a student, you are passionate about what you're studying and would like to collaborate in the CDO area of Chema Alonso, do not hesitate to send your application! And you, do you dare?

List of all proposed projects Big Data challenge