Two students of the School of Computer Engineering achieved first and second place in the contest 12 Grapes

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The 31 in December of 2016 the programming contest was held in The 12 Grapes, organized by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The winner, both overall and in its category (Student not UCM third or higher), was our companion Rafael Sillero. Luis Alberto rye He won second place in that category and the seventh in the overall standings. You can see all the details of the contest here

This contest is organized as such from the 2014 and it was held through the UVa online judge. This year, however, It has been the first year that takes place through the online judge AceptaElReto, maintained by the UCM, and it collects problems in Spanish, In contrast to the judge of the grape.

Also deserve mention special our companions of the University of Valladolid that participated in that one tomorrow: Eduardo Cáceres (School of industrial engineering), Pablo Renero and Sergio Esteban (both of the school of Engineering Computing).

And you? would you like to participate in this type of competition? Then follows the boys of grape::Coders in your Twitter account @UVaCoders and find you of all the events related with the programming and the algorithms in our environment.

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