Gymkana 'Juego de Códigos'

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The 7 of December was held in the School of Computer Engineering, the Gymkhana “Game of Codes”, between 12h and 15h.

Presented 11 teams of the groups 2 and 3 first-year Programming Foundations, with a total of 48 students. Also participated 3 teams that are not entered in the competition and were presented motu proprio: 11 students, 5 of them first (that had already participated in the gymkhana previous) and 6 of higher courses. These last added to the difficulty of resolving the problems into the languages chosen randomly.

Resolved 3 problems whose answer was a number and 2 questionnaires on the subject that gave the location of the statement of the next test.

Established a winning team by group, you got the sword of true steel valyrio and an extra point in the assessment of the course (once you exceed the minimum level established in the final exam)

The winners were:

  • The group 2, the team house Targaryen, formed by:
    • Diego Rodrigo Verdugo, Santiago Rabadán Fernandez, Gonzalo Valdezate, Miguel Sánchez Rueda, and Aaron Montoya Rodriguez.
  • The group 3, the team house Lannister, formed by:
    • Adrián Arroyo Calle, Sergio Alonso Pascual, Cristina de la Torre Caceres, Luis Francisco Fernández de Lamadrid and Sergio Forest Brown.

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