Photo Gallery: Visit to the data centre Global Switch - EAM Madrid

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On Monday 14 November the School of Computer science conducted a visit to the data centre at Global Switch Madrid, invited by EAM. A total of 41 students accompanied the Principal of the School, Benjamin Sahelices, and the Director-General of EAM Computer Systems, Manuel A. Fernández González.

The data center Global Switch Madrid is a perfect example of Tier III of great size. A total surface area of 21.992 m2 with an electrical power capacity of 18MVA with redundancy 2N, backup generators in N+1 configuration and 24MW total supply of refrigeration.

The visit allowed us to know a textbook example of the infrastructure needed to support huge amounts of computing and storage (cloud). Really very instructive. Many thanks to Manuel for his generosity and to the employees of a Global Switch for your time.