YUZZ Valladolid 2016

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It has been launched in the Science park of the University of Valladolid the EIGHTH edition of the Programme, Santander's YUZZ aimed at promoting the talent of young people between 18 and 31 years with business ideas.

This program is linked with the growing interest towards new avenues of personal and professional development in the area of entrepreneurship on the part of our university community and, specifically, our students and young researchers. It is this vocation of evolution by which I encourage you to spread the word among our students and researchers this initiative.

This program is an opportunity for students to form of way free and to acquire professional skills and knowledge required to take forward their ideas from the experts in active. Next to the training face-to-face in innovation, leadership, finances, marketing or business models, among others, a guardian is responsible for advising them throughout the program.

Once the process of training the best students of each one of the centers Santander's YUZZ will travel to Silicon Valley, the mecca of global innovation. In addition, the best three projects from across the country will receive a economic endowment to help them set up their own business: 30.000 € for first prize, 20.000 € for the second and 10.000 € for the third, along with the award, YUZZ Woman endowed with 20.000 €.

This program is sponsored by Banco Santander through Santander Universities and coordinated by the Centre for International Santander Entrepreneurship (Isse) and collaboration at the local level more than 100 public and private entities. The program is developed in most of 45 cities with their own training centers in each locality.

The call to participate in the program will remain open until the 2 of December and those interested in developing their business idea and to opt for the travel and 80.000 euros in prizes, They must submit their application through a form available www.yuzz.org

In this latest edition, we have been lucky in that the project LIGHT ENERGY, local winner in the last edition of YUZZ Valladolid, we clinched the second prize at the national level (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGUQKRg9qXU).