Publication call scholarships Social Council of initiation into research tasks 2016-2017

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The Social Council of the University of Valladolid launches a new call from 35 SCHOLARSHIPS of collaboration in tasks of research in Departments and institutes L.O.U. for students who go to completing your degree or who are pursuing a first course of official masters of the grape.
The term of presentation of the documentation from them possible applicants in the Secretariat of them departments e institutes L.O.U. ends the 7 in October of 2016, inclusive. Is recalls to its time that the term for them departments and institutes L.O.U. submit the documentation of those students applicants, as well as the Act of the Commission with the reports of the projects of research, ends the day 14 in October of 2016, inclusive.

BASES of the call

Annex I (Printed request)

Annex II (Statement responsible)

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