First awarded with laptops on loan course listing 16/17

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Now available the first list of students who have been awarded them a laptop loan. The procedure of allocation has been the draw of letter. The letter obtained has been the ‘ or ’. Has been assigned by last name beginning with the letter ‘ or’ hereinafter, among all the students who have requested it, regardless of the course that are enrolled.

If after the period of collection is a portable, take a new assignment list, starting at the position and letter which ended the previous. In addition, from October there will be others 10 portable new, It will be awarded in a new listing using the same list and following in the corresponding position.

To know the day of collection of the portable, the name in the list of awarded should be consulted. The pick up location will be the firm 2D051 the second floor, in the central part of the building in opening hours from 13 h to 14 h. They remember to collect the laptop is necessary to go with a document proving the identity.

First list of awarded students with laptop