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From Eleven Paths We have months preparing a campaign to help young people who are finishing their studies and have to choose a End of Master project or end of degree project, and finally on Friday published the first phase of this initiative.

We have opened 10 End of degree projects or Master, for 10 students they are in that phase of their studies. What we try is help you to make it, at the time that collaborate with material, books, licensing of software and support from one of our partners, to make it take a good term.

Some of these projects have to see with our technologies, others do not and simply are our ideas that seem interesting to study. Sure that almost all, If you are an attentive follower of this blog or our work in Eleven Paths, You sounded. These are the 10 projects that we have chosen, by now, only for students of Spanish universities. You have more information on each of them in the web of the projects.

If the initiative works well, There will be a second round of selection and surely we will extend it to other countries of Latin America. For the time being, If you want to participate in this campaign must send an email to with the information below:

– Name
– University in which you are pursuing studies
– Degree
– Name of the teacher/tutor (If you have already assigned)
– Projects in which you are interested

With these data, We will contact you and we will inform you of the following steps. And when you finish it, you will directly be in a selection process of Eleven Paths to see if you end up making practices or working with us.