The faculties of engineering computer of the universities of Castilla and Leon and companies of the sector technological, they apply their training to be part of the Community strategy RIS3

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Attending the meeting

Meeting the past 7 July of 2016 the deans and directors of computer engineering of public universities Castilla y León - Universidad de Burgos, University of León, University of Salamanca (centers of Salamanca and Zamora) and University of Valladolid (centers of Segovia and Valladolid)-, and the private universities in Castilla y León - Católica de Ávila, Miguel de Cervantes and Pontificia de Salamanca - European, they expose the following reflections on training that provide these qualifications, their employability and career development which give rise:

  • They are qualifications that give access to an employability directly related to the academic training that is taught. Those graduates van to work in what in what have studied and for this is has with plans of studies completely updated.

  • The company claims these studies graduates. It is shown because the vast majority of the seniors placement at enterprises. The surveys that employability is almost full.

  • The training of computer engineers provides many opportunities for professional development, in areas so popular as cybersecurity, big data, video games, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, cloud and, of course, management of companies and technological projects.

We recommend that any student with interests in ICT curse a degree in computer engineering.

Then in the meeting with employing companies which participated among other Viewnext, Indra, UST-Global, Global Exchange, Beonprice, CAB technology solutions, SUMATE and the Federation of companies of technologies of the information and communication of Castilla and León (AETICAL), SUM or AETICAL, It was considered the need to include the following actions in the training programmes of the computer engineers, facing a better addition to the labour market and subsequent professional development:

  • Improvement in the training of students of computer engineering in relation to some necessary skills for incorporation into the labour market. The current market demands professionals technically well prepared but, at the same time, also competent in other aspects such as management and troubleshooting, entrepreneurship, initiative, effective communication, commitment or teamwork, among others.

  • Promotion of the participation of enterprises in training programs.

  • Channeling of University-industry partnerships through a specific figure..

  • Need of it improves of the competencies related with the language English.

Finely, and as a conclusion of this meeting, the directors and deans of universities that impart training to degrees in computer engineering in Castilla y Leon together with companies in the sector, exposed:

That is not sustainable considering receiving their graduates for which there is a recognition of the professional qualification of the profession with the name of “Computer science” within the structures and regional strategic plans.

For this reason, is requests that the sector of the computer is considered a sector vertical within the strategy of specialization smart RIS3 in the community of Castilla and León, Since we consider it a key strategic sector with a capacity for growth and exponential production. This is would contribute both wealth creation and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies of Castilla y León and, also, It would set the talent in this community avoiding brain drain highly qualified mass and free of charge to other communities.

Meeting has been organized by the universities of Salamanca (USAL and Pontificia).