Contest University nursery business promoters 2016

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This initiative is addressed to students and graduates, as well as teaching staff, researcher, services and administration and fellows, of any of the universities of Castilla y León.

The aim of this competition is the form to potential entrepreneurs to help create new technology based businesses based on the results of the research projects and technologies of the universities of Castilla y León.


There are two possible types of participants: (A and B) :

    This type includes those candidates who either belong to any of the following groups:

    1. Graduates, students, teachers, scholars or university staff with creditable experience of creation of companies,
    2. Current members of University business promoters bag (PEU), from previous editions of the NURSERY.
  • PARTICIPANTS OF THE TYPE B. STUDENTS AND UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS (FELLOWS AND STAFF) they are working on the development of new technologies and want to explore the commercial possibilities of the same.

This contest takes place in two phases:

  • A formative (online mode), where participants receive training aimed at the generation and evaluation of business ideas based on new technologies,
  • Another competitive, where the winners get economic Awards (up to 6.000 euros for the prototype or tests, and other 6.000 additional to finance the Constitution of the company--if they dare to do this-).

They surrendered two awards with the following characteristics:

  • Help, valued in 6.000 EUR, to develop a proof of concept, a prototype or a pilot product that allows you to check the practical viability of the new business idea and/or make a first test of market.
  • Funding of up to 6.000 euros for the establishment of the new company's social capital.

All information and annexes are on the web

The deadline to register ends next 30 June.