Great reception in the Scratch Day Valladolid V 2016

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It seems that definitely "no bad fifth". Last Saturday 28 may we celebrate V Scratch Day at our school and believe that it has been a success. Said it the faces of attendees, from children, passing by the parents, to volunteers. It's nice to spend a morning with a smile on the lips.

What enormous pleasure to see develop in as short time as many skills in the participants saying!

While an organization such as the Scratch Day is exhausting, result of many hours of effort that appear to not have any reward, the day of the celebration we find amply rewards. We collect the fruits of the people we meet, of the motivation and enthusiasm of the kids, the enthusiasm of the parents and the finding that want more.

We highlight the debut of several volunteers as monitors, students from our school, and even the irruption of the quarry of monitors that appeared fallen from heaven, a few young people from high school that were a few exceptional monitors and we hope that not lose sight and one day further enrich our school. This is the greatest treasure that we have in the school: people.

We have formed a United team teachers, students, Alumni, technical, personal concierge. We had a great catering service prepared by the staff of the cafeteria of the Center, and the people of reproduction that has had us impeccably t-shirts of volunteers in time while we always hurried up to the last second to get the list of sizes.

All this would be impossible without the support of the sponsors of Scratch Day, both of our institution: the grapes through the Vice President for academic planning and educational innovation, our school, the Department of computer science, the Telefónica Chair mobility and education, as well as other entities such as the Association of engineers in computer science that has given us its support since the beginning, and the newcomers educates world, Luar and SilverStorm thank you!

We also want to thank the volunteer family, students from other centres, of jurors (teachers of colleges, CFIE, GeNext Association), as well as the newly created Club of young programmers of Segovia. Speaking of Segovia here go! The party continues! On Saturday 4 June II Scratch Day Segovia @ UVa!