Students from our school win the Special Prize to the best educational project in the tenth degree competition of free Software

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Graders in our school computer engineering, Oscar Fernandez Nuñez, Juan Carlos González Cabrero and Adrian Martin Gomez were finalists for the tenth edition of the CUSL (Contest for free Software) by the project for educational environments “Teacher Tracker” [Github]

This project won the award for the best educational project in the contest, This year was held in Seville.

This team of the University of Valladolid was the only representative of Castilla y León in the national competition for free software projects.

In the words of Juan Carlos:

Thanks to the numerous and interesting talks that took place during the two day event, We learned many things and us could bring more people from the world of computing that can even collaborate later. It also opens more possibilities for direct contact with the sponsors of the event, which is good for the transition from college life to professional life.

This project was a simple application for teachers, I develop for the subject of mobile systems, but with the motivation that has given us this competition we think to continue with her.

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