Git workshop, the most popular version control system

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This Tuesday, 26 April, the GUI will give a workshop on Git, the control system versions most popular and used in the software industry, facilitates team development and code control.

I will teach you to use Git, How to use it in a practical way, as well as the use with graphical clients and customers integrated into IDE ’ most popular (GitKraken, Android Studio and Eclipse)



What exactly is Git?

Git is a version control system, a tool for versions of our code.

Why use it?

  • Maintain a version history. If something ever breaks you can go back.
  • Keep two versions of code in parallel. You want to make a change but want to keep the code that works so far.
  • Fix failure while continuing your development as normal.

Requirements and recommendations for the workshop:

  • If you are not a student of the school of computer engineering, We recommend bringing your own laptop home so that you can put into practice your knowledge with Git workshop.

Who taught the workshop?

Ismael J. Taboada:

Jorge Sanz


Git workshop