First meeting of in Valladolid

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First meeting of in Valladolid.

What is Free Code Camp?
It is an online platform open source and free to learn programming from scratch to become a professional web developer, and launching your career as a software engineer or just to learn something new about how applications used around the world today are built and used, and which are moving the world, building real projects and solving challenges, to finish working on projects with non-profit organizations and preparing for interviews at first technology companies. For any level and always at your own pace.

What the event??
Free Code Camp encouraged to create “camps” or groups in your city, and we want to create this group in Valladolid by events on a regular basis.

“I have no idea of this, who I will guide?”
If you have never had contact with programming, Do not worry! We are going to help you start and guide you in Free Code Camp and solve you all your doubts, during the event, and then.

What will we do there?
1. Presentation of participants. What's your name? What do you do? Do you work in a technological project? Do you want to learn how to program or improve on it?
2. Presentation of what Free Code Camp, for those who still have not gotten on the platform.
3. Projects demo – you will have the opportunity to present your projects that you have worked or are working in Free Code Camp as well as externally. If you want to make a presentation of your projects, send me an email to and we organise it well.
4. How to contribute Free Code camp? Contribute to the project on Github, translate platform in other languages (currently in English)…
5. Round of questions – any queries you have, time to resolve them. Question!
6. Registration on the platform – We will help you to register on the platform.
7. Start program! We will have us in working groups to start programming in the platform, you will recommend where you start and you will solve all questions that you may have at the beginning.
8. Networking – Meet and talk to new people. We can always finish in the cafeteria taking something and chatting. 🙂

What you need to bring?
Bring your laptop, you will need it to register on the platform (If you have not done so already) and start writing lines of code.

Friday, 8 April to the 17.00.

Sala Hedy Lamarr, School of Computer Engineering, Valladolid.
Map to arrive: /Escuela+de+INGENIERIA+InforMatica. + Universidad+de + Valladolid /@41.662717,-4.705367,15z/data =!4M2!3M1!1s0x0:0xaab6e3ec16643ed1

Join the community!
Join the Facebook group we have all the campers in Valladolid, where we will continue organizing the meetups and where we do not stop talk programming, answer questions, setting up projects and more…
LINK: / /

It broadcasts the event with all those people who think that they may be interested and of course, invite them to be part of Free Code Camp and Free Code Camp Valladolid.

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