The course 16/17 It begins the BigData specialty in the Master in computer engineering

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With the entry of the new specialty, the division into ECTS credits is as follows:

The duration is of 90 ECTS (a course and a quarter)

  • First course: 60 ECTS in subjects required
    • 12 ECTS in management
    • 48 ECTS of computer technology with training in Big Data
  • Second course:
    • General route: 15 Optional ECTS
    • Big Data: 15 Specialty elective ECTS BigData
    • 6 ECTS credits in internship and
    • 9 ECTS at the end of Master work

It encourages participation in company with the dual education company + University: mornings will work in a company-paid form and in the evenings there will be teaching from the Master. Intends that you a time completed the Master, continue working in the company.

Overview of the contents of the subjects:

Subject Content Observations
Technology for Big Data Languages for Big Data R, Python
Distributed analysis tools Introduction to MapReduce

Apache Hadoop

Apache Spark

Hadoop ecosystem: Pig, Sqoop, Storm

Apache Mahout

Infrastructure for Big Data Cluster Linux for Big Data


Cloud Platforms Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Google App Engine

Microsoft Azure


Scalable storage Scalability Sharding and database clusters
HDFS storage Hive
Storage in database NoSQL Key/value storage

Document storage

Storage graph


Technologies Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J, GraphDB, HBase, Elasticsearch
Big Data: business intelligence Big data in decision support systems
Creation of reports and scorecards
Cases of integration of information sources Preprocesado

Web Data

Big data in multimedia systems

Legal aspects and ethical regulators