New forum in the GUI: ¡It participates!

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In the GUI, people with technological interests meet to organize all kinds of events and carry out projects not covering the grade, in order to have fun, Learn and prepare for the labour market. We want as many people as possible to participate with us to carry out increasingly ambitious projects. The GUI is a completely open Association, and at the end, and after the, the GUI is what members want to do it.

To this end, We've remodeled our forum ( to adapt it with contributions from around the world. You're a member or not, you don't just make an account to propose activities or workshops, offer to collaborate on new projects or existing projects, or make any contribution.

If you enter, You can take a look at all the activities we have carried out, those that are preparing, and the ideas that we are proposing. If you are determined to bring computing to the real world in tangible projects, feel free to browse the Forum, get closer to our head office on the first floor or send us an email to In addition, you are all invited to our Wednesday's work: every Wednesday we were at 6 pm at our headquarters to present new ideas and develop our projects. Come and participate!

See you in the Forum.

University Computing Group.

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