Deloitte - Workshop and talk

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The company Deloitte Consulting, together with our colleagues from the College of engineering in telecommunications, organized during the morning of the Wednesday 6 April, from 12 h 00 to 15 h 00 the workshop ‘Deloitte Works IT’, to take place in our building.

It is a very practical workshop focused to bring the business world to the university. Through various cases and projects presented by the professionals of Deloitte, You can see first hand how can you apply the knowledge that you are acquiring in the University to specific projects of their clients. It is a way direct, real and very pragmatic that you may understand what technologies and skills are being sued.

The work will focus, among others, the following topics:

  • Technological trends: Big Data, Mobility and Cloud: During the conference will be reviewed, on real cases and practical, the current technological trends with greater impact in the business world: Big Data, Mobility and Cloud.These trends enable new business models and possess the ability to transform current business models, so you are being subject to special monitoring by the business world, attracting large amounts of economic and human resources today. During the conference we will present each of the trends by analyzing cases of success real of each one of them.
  • Cyber-attack Simulation: What to do when you suffer a cyber-attack?: Ponte in the skin of the responsible for making the decisions, from the Director of systems to the CEO of a large company, What to do when hacked have your company? Throughout a session of rolplay live gestionaras a crisis is simulated real with your management team. The crisis generated by a cyber attack are a vital component in the management of the HR, systems management, management of the communication channels, reputational impact, financial markets and, of course, a comprehensive management technology to mitigate the damage done and get systems and services back to normal. Live a real experience and delve into the crisis management in cyber security.

The workshop is aimed at students of telecommunications, Computer science, Industrial and science.