School party 2016

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This week the feast of school and from delegation have organized a series of activities that are here.

In all activities, there will be a delivery of awards the corresponding winners. We look forward to your participation and above all are activities that you enjoy.

See poster with activities

Thursday 10 March
The activities of tomorrow will be of 11:00 to 14:00h.
Friday 11 March
11:00 – Tournament of League of Legends

In the room Hedy Lamarr. Need laptop with updated game.

11:00 – Mus tournament

It will be held in the cafeteria and organize targeted couples in the form that appears a little further down.

11:00 – Heartstone tournament

In the room Hedy Lamarr. Need laptop with updated game.

Sports activities in the Sports Centre Ruiz Hernandez: Football, basketball and volleyball.

Registration here:

Registration for LoL, MUS and Heartstone in:
14:00 – Lunch in cafeteria

We will be in the cafeteria to eat, menu of the day, burgers, potatoes, etc.. What more I apetecezca!

16:30 – 18:30 : Challenge of programming "Sins of Detroit" in the room Hedy Lamarr

You are part of a mystery story with crimes and corruption that you must solve using your skills in programming. It is not necessary to have a level in this field since there will be colleagues to help you.

You need own laptop.

19:00 – 20:30: IV Hacking workshop - "When Surface and Depth meet" in the room Hedy Lamarr

A paramilitary group (ML) needed to raise funds quickly to maintain its presence in various areas of conflict. It has hired the

services of the fittest hackers of the Deepweb. Here is where you enter. Show your boldness subtracting money for winning the competition.

You need own laptop.

Registration for programming and hacking activities :