Call v of the prize for the best thesis related to sustainable mobility

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We reached the 52nd Edition These awards, which are intended to promote mainly between students of technical careers, economy and administration of business interest and research on a concept as broad as it is sustainable mobility, one of the challenges of the XXI century.

These awards eligible all final projects (It means end of degree projects: Works/projects end-of-grade and end of Master works/projects University) presented during the period September 2015-September 2016 in Spanish universities somehow related to sustainable mobility as a global concept in areas such as: Technological product and process solutions, innovative designs, experimental and/or theoretical studies, trend analysis, business models, reduction of environmental and noise impact, improves energy efficiency, attention to the social needs of mobility, new energy sources, Logistics Optimisation, road safety solutions, connectivity, autonomous vehicle, etc...

This call has two important news:

  1. Have been established two categories, the prize to the winner in each of the categories will consist of a diploma and a cheque for € 3,000 for the author of the project and up to € 2,000 for the purchase of teaching materials or research department supervisor Professor:

    • Best work/project end of degree or Master's degree related to technical qualifications
    • Best work/project end of degree or Master's degree with degrees in economics and management and business management.
  2. In addition, This year the winners will have the privilege of unique in Europe of consider his candidacy for a study grant in France financed by the Fondation Renault (France) for a master program

You'll transfer to the Media the names of the winners and the universities to which they belong. (See "Impact")

The bases of the prize can be consulted in detail on the website of the Foundation:


The winners of the previous editions have been:

  • 2012 – Mr. Carlos Andres Martinez Casais, Mr. Alberto Reig Bernard, DNA. Nieves of the Tower Perez of the universities of Valladolid, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, respectively
  • 2013 -D. Pablo Fernandez of the field at the University of Valladolid
  • 2014 -D. Francesc López HPLC, Mr. Aitor Jusdado Spuch and Dna. Leticia Coro sources of the University Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Pontificia de Comillas ICAI
  • 2015 -D. Gonzalo Hernandez Rodriguez, DNA. Marina Gil Sanchez and D. Angel Mendez Gonzalez of the University of Seville, Malaga and Miguel Hernández respectively

We remind you that to enter the awards should be sent in electronic form and by certified mail to the Renault Foundation sustainable mobility, Of. Burgos 89A, 28050 Madrid, within the time limits and attaching the documentation contained in these databases.