Visit Takanori Shibata - Therapeutic robot NUKA

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The next day 7 March between the 11 and 12.30 hours to attend the Faculty of Commerce, headquarters of the CEA, the Ambassador of the Japan and Takanori Shibata (CV), Director of research at the National Institute of science and Industrial Technology in Japan (AIST) to present the therapeutic robot NUKA (“UNEMPLOYMENT” in Japan).

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If you want to be able to attend this event, whether you're a student or teacher, You must sign up by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Visit SHIBATA” As soon as possible.

This is possible due to recent Professor Shibata in the Global Robot Expo in Madrid stay: (28-31 in January of 2016) and at the request of the Embassy of Japan so could visit the universities that have a special relationship with that country, as it is our.

The Act is aimed at students and teachers of nursing, Medicine and computer engineering, Telecommunications and industrial.

It is a unique opportunity that both students and teachers know this “baby seal robot” that is you are using with success in different hospitals for the treatment of children and Alzheimer's. Proof of this is that the Professor Shibata is accompanied by Elena González, Head of the Research Area of the Centre of reference state of the Alzheimer's of Salamanca.

This event is possible thanks to the excellent relations of the Centre of Asian studies (CEA) with the Embassy of Japan and involves no cost to grape.

The venue is the Faculty of trade for two reasons: the headquarters of the Centro de Estudios de Asia and be a place equidistant between the centres involved.


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