Live broadcast of the HackSummit in the Salón de Grados

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Today from the 18 hours, will be broadcast the Hack Summit in the Hall at the School of Computer Engineering. Tuesday and Wednesday from the 17 hours.

Hack Summit is one virtual conference for developers, with the presence of creators of programming languages, contributors to open source software and other influential people.

The Monday will retransmit:
  • BRIAN FOX, Bash creator and maintainer of Emacs
  • ORION HENRY, founder of Heroku
  • DRIES BUYTAERT, creator of Drupal
The Tuesday will retransmit:
  • JON SKEET, most active member of StackOverFlow
  • AARON SKONNARD, CEO of Pluralsight
  • KENT BECK, creator of Test Driven Development and Agile

The Wednesday We ended up with:

  • DAVID HEINEMEIER HANDSON, creator of Ruby On Rails
  • CHRIS RICHARDSON, Java champion and founder of Cloud Foundry
  • GREGG POLLACK, CEO of Code School

Many there are more talks, We encourage you to see them delayed.

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