Visit to the Museum of science - Computer application on CRAY-1

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On Tuesday 23 February, at noon, It is presented in the Museum of science one interactive computer application on the super computer CRAY-1 (Press communication grape note)

This application is the result of collaboration between the Museum of science and the school of computer science engineering in Valladolid, and has been performed by Borja cherry, student of Master in computer science that is taught in our school

Video of the YouTube channel

For this reason, held a presentation ceremony at the Museum of science of Valladolid he will attend several academic authorities.

This event is for the address of the school of special significance to our Center, for its theme, and about the impact that the fact that one of our students has been chosen to participate actively in the dissemination mission carried out as relevant entities with can be the Museum of science.

For this reason, It has chartered a bus to facilitate our students attending such an event, of course, free.

If you are interested in using this bus service to go to this event, send an e-mail with the subject “Visit Museum Science” to the direction before the Saturday 20 from February to the 23h55m. The number of places is limited and will be assigned by order of arrival of the post. The bus will depart at 12 o'clock since school, and once the Act, will bring us back to school.