Two graduates of our school earn a scholarship Prometheus

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Projects of Cristian Tejedor Garcia and David Marciel Pariente they have been selected within the scholarship program Prometheus for the protection of results of projects or prototypes of students of the University of Valladolid.


Cristian, currently a Phd student of Computer science, presented the software ‘Mobile application for the improvement of multilingual pronunciation using minimal pairs and gamification ’. This project deals with the development of a mobile application that uses the technology of the automatic recognition of speech and speech synthesis for teaching and self-evaluation of the pronunciation of any language (and dialects). It also incorporates a social game and gamification module as an incentive to avoid the possible abandonment in the first days of use.

David, graduated in computer engineering, won by your software Entropy, whose objective is to provide capacity for authentication in uncertain or hostile environments without exposing the user key.

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