PROMETHEUS program 2016

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The FUNGE starts the Edition 2016 of the PROMETHEUS program for the development of market-driven prototypes.

This program is aimed primarily at:

  • Students in their final year of any official degrees offered at UVa.
  • Students of any official master taught at UVa.
  • PhD students from UVa.

They may participate in this call all the innovative projects the results meet the following requirements:

  • In the case of a new invention involving a substantial novelty.
  • Involve inventive activity as activity of knowledge development.
  • Have industrial application that meets market needs.
  • They are projects to secure new software developments, computer programs or applications for mobile devices (web pages are excluded).

The term of applications will be open of the 04/02 to the 29/02/2016.

Will select a maximum of 20 projects that include economic and other incentives amount of interest to the group of beneficiaries.

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More information on 983 186 354 or in