Lean workshop in the Campus of Valladolid: How to apply creativity in your business model

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The Science Park organizes UVa Taller Lean under the title "Applying creativity to your business model”. It will be given by Javier Cortecero, Company Zero Gravity. The union between creativity, interaction and entertainment is the reason for this renowned professional.

Dynamically, fun and entertaining, Javier will show us how to apply creativity, by focusing our business model.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 18 November of 2015, of 16 to 20 hours, Orange Room in Building R & D Science Park University of Valladolid (Campus Miguel Delibes).

More information, and the program and registration form, at the following link http://www.parquecientificouva.es/2015/plan-t-cue-2015-2017/tercer-nivel/taller-lean-en-el-campus-de-valladolid-cmo-aplicar-la-creatividad-en-tu-modelo-de-negocio

The workshop is aimed at students, Graduates, teachers, Researchers, doctorandos, PAS and, en general, the entire community of the University of Valladolid who is interested in learning more about the Lean Startup, which it is helping to change the way companies create and launch their products.

Attendance is completely free, although seating is limited.