Course: "Búsqueda y uso de información científica II"

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The Miguel Delibes Campus Library It scheduled, through the Virtual Campus of the UVa, for next November the course: Search and use of scientific information II, to be held in the 2 to the 20 in November of 2015. A second meeting is planned in the second quarter, for the days between the 14 March and 1 April of 2016.

This course completes the basic level of search and use of scientific information I, that is taking place throughout the month of October, addressing the sources of scientific information, specialized search tools appropriate information in each field of knowledge: Sciences, Computer science, Telecommunications and Social Sciences, both offered by the University Library as we can find freely available on the Internet. The course devotes a documentary subject to the methodology of academic work end of studies.

It is particularly aimed at students who have to undertake academic studies to work (TFG / TFM) and other members of the university community interested in the subject.

The course 25 hours and is recognized with 1 ECTS credit. The registration period for the first call is already started and will end on 28 October.


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