II Congreso Regional de DCA

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Coinciding with the week of Acquired Brain Injury Centre Hospitalier Father Benito Menni Valladolid, It has organized the II Regional Congress of Castilla and Leon DCA, Activity in progress by the Commission on Accreditation of Continuing Education of Castilla and Leon.


As it reflected this triptych el objetivo de este encuentro sociosanitario y científico es reivindicar el papel de la ciencia, understood as new technologies, serving improving the quality of life of people. Not to mention the sick, main subject of our mission, In this second edition we want to emphasize the important role they acquire sciences like robotics and virtual reality en los procesos terapéuticos de las personas con DCA.


The Conference will begin at 9:30h, but please be to the 9:00h for the Registration and collection of documentation.