WorkShop “BigData CyL”

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It is the third year that is organized in the Boecillo center of Telefónica I + D el WorkShop “BigData CyL”. It will be in the auditorium of Boecillo center next Tuesday, 20 October.

Experts from various fields from universities and companies, They will come together to share their experiences in the fields of analysis and data visualization, and their application for solving practical problems.

From a technological point of view we can understand how new technologies and algorithms are changing the way we understand the world, or how to manage a business; Smart cities, advanced mobility models, online social networks, influence, propagating information,... All this is being made possible by a set of new technologies that continually evolves.

If you're interested in the world around the analysis and data visualization, do not hesitate to consult the website, and sign up!

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BigData Castilla and Leon

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