Betting on your future. Program International Consulting UVa / IMFAHE

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The University of Valladolid has joined this course 2015-2016 International Advisory Program (IMP) developed by the Foundation IMFAHE (

The Foundation, driven researchers, Spanish scientists and academics working class centers in the United States and Europe (Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, University of Massachusetts, University of Texas, University of Manchester, Duke ... among many centers) Its main objective is to help young Spanish students in the final year of his career or are already doing postgraduate studies (Master and Doctorate) to define their academic and professional goals, providing a personalized and direct tutoring over several months (It is used to webinars, videoconferencing and regular contact by email).

The program is organized into four thematic blocks -Biomedicina, Economy, Engineering and Philology- and the University of Valladolid have the opportunity to participate this first year 8 students per block. The selection process, jointly conducting IMFAHE Foundation and the University of Valladolid, It will take place from the day 15 October, which it is the deadline to enroll in the program, and it will be considered, among other things, the student's academic record and his knowledge of English (in necessary B2, since a substantial part of the tutorials will be in English).


This is a new proposal in our area, because it has a long tradition in the Anglo world but has not so far had a real presence in Spain. I think it is an initiative of great interest to the University of Valladolid, and it can help in a very direct way to define your opportunities and your academic and professional goals, to prepare to address the real life that awaits you after completing your studies and provide the necessary contacts so that your decisions are informed, realistic and effective.

In addition, after satisfactory completion of the program, one of the students participating in each thematic block will have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship for a stay of 8/10 weeks a center of excellence in the United States (4 scholarships to the University of Valladolid in total).

Participating in the program means, like everything else in life, a little effort and a commitment, but I think the benefits far outweigh the time and dedication that can suppose you. For all that, I strongly encourage you to find out about the program and apply for your participation this year 2015-2016. Program makers are preparing a special presentation that you will arrive in the coming days, but you can already see a small informative video, with the testimony of participants in the pilot project last year, on the website of the Foundation (

More information in the paper “International advisory program”