Applying ICT to future Smart Cities

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The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program of Information Technology and Telecommunications reports a course to be taught at school 13 to the 29 October, and to be recognized as training activities within the doctoral program of Informatics. The course is intended for classroom, although, if there is any interest in remote assistance, It could be adapted.

TITLE: Applying ICT to future Smart Cities
SPEAKER: Javier Prieto Tejedor (University of Salamanca)
SCHEDULE: 13 to the 29 October Monday to Thursday from 18h to 20h (22 hours)
PLACE: Classroom 15 Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering Campus Miguel Delibes
Poster: ICT application to future Smart Cities


Information provided by organizers:

Of the 13 to the 30 October Dr. Javier Prieto Tejedor, BISITE group belonging to the University of Salamanca, will conduct a research stay at UVa. Among the activities planned, He taught a course on Applying ICT to future Smart Cities framed in the PhD program in Information Technology and Telecommunications. We invite you to attend and benefit from the experience gained in this field thanks to its passage by different research centers such as the University of Valladolid own, el Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or the University of Salamanca.

Intelligent Lighting, traffic management, route optimization in housekeeping, medical tele ... In the course we will see the projects in which the group is involved currently BISITE, Smart City pilots that have been carried out, the use of wireless sensor networks for intelligent management of the city, the application of Cloud Computing and Big Data in medical telecare systems, or safety problems involving. We will also make an introduction to the concept of Smart Grids and how the knowledge acquired by telecommunications is being applied in this area.

The course will be held from 13 to the 29 October Monday to Thursday from 18h to 20h in the classroom 15 Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering Campus Miguel Delibes. Attached is the poster of the course. We wait!

No need to pre-register, but if you have thought to go, Please aviséis Patricia Fernandez so that they can take into account the number of attendees. For any issue related to the doctoral program (Certificates, remote Assistance, etc.) please get in touch with Santiago Aja (

Javier Prieto Tejedor He holds a PhD in Information Technology and Telecommunications from the University of Valladolid 2012 and PhD Prize. In the same university I earned degrees in Telecommunications Engineering (2008) and Degree in Market Research and Techniques (2010). From 2007, Javier Prieto has worked in various public and private research centers, including the University of Valladolid and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Actually, he teaches at the University of Salamanca and a member of the research group BISITE (Biomedicine, Intelligent Computer Systems and Educational Technology).

Javier Prieto has published more than 30 Magazine articles, books and international conferences, He has participated in more than 15 research projects, and is the author of 2 national patents. In addition, es editor de la International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, miembro del comité científico de la Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal, and reviewer for many international journals. Also, a member of the technical committee of prestigious international congresses (como IEEE GLOBECOM o IEEE ICC), and reviewer in a large number of them. In 2013 He received the prize “Castilla y Leon Young Entrepreneurs” the Youth Institute of Castilla and Leon.

His research interests include artificial intelligence, to create smarter cities, the positioning and navigation technologies, environments both indoors and outdoors, and Bayesian inference techniques, to improve the social welfare and sustainable development.