"Artificial intelligence course: pillars and professional application areas"

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He taught at the School of Engineering at Segovia, of the 31 August to 11 September.


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The course, of 60 hours of duration, It is intended for those interested in having a first approach to artificial intelligence, introducing its fundamental concepts and guiding it towards an application domain specific.

Specifically, during the ten days of school students will start in the knowledge of the basic principles governing the computational semantics, information retrieval and natural language processing. Three fields of artificial intelligence work currently postulated as pillars in the technological development of any leading company.

The training will be taught by professors from the School of Engineering at Segovia (UVa), by professors from other universities, prominent figures working in these fields of artificial intelligence and, by business professionals Taiger (http://www.taiger.com).

Taiger international company is an artificial intelligence with the School of Engineering at Segovia, UVa has signed a collaboration agreement, not only for training and for students to do internships in curricular company.